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1 LB Mistletoe cut (Phoradendron flavescens)

1 LB Mistletoe cut (Phoradendron flavescens)

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  • Medicinal Uses: * Cancer Prevention * Hypertension * Sleep/Insomnia 
  • Properties: * Anodyne * Antispasmodic * emetic * Nervine
  • Parts Used: Stems and leaves
  • Constituents: amines (acetylcholine, choline, histamine, gaba and tyramine), antioxidant flavonoids (quercetin, chalcone and flavone derivatives), and terpenoids (beta-amyrin, betulinic acid, oleanic acid, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, ursolic acid, lupeol and ester c


Mistletoe has been used to treat cancer, although there is a lack of quality clinical trials and no evidence of an effect. Further study is needed. In folk medicine, it has been used for its cardiovascular properties. Clinical efficacy has not been established. Injectable mistletoe extract is widely used in Europe but is not licensed for use in the United States.

Trained herbal practitioners make use of mistletoe Phoradendron flavescens teas to slow the pulse and lower blood pressure, treat arthritic pain and snoring. While there are valuable medicinal uses for this herb, there are also much safer, and less toxic choices to treat the same conditions which are readily available to the home herbalist.


Mistletoe Side Effects: All forms of mistletoe are best left to professional practitioners, and are not recommended for the home herbalist. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (PDA) lists this plant as "unsafe." Mistletoe should be used only under professional supervision as part of an overall treatment plan. At least three standardized injectable extracts have been studied in Europe: Iscador, Helixor, and Eurixor. These products are not designed for self-treatment and are not commercially available in the United States- Mistletoe should be avoided during pregnancy, since it can stimulate uterine contractions.






Mistletoe contains toxic constituents. Avoid use during pregnancy or lactation

Ancient Lore: Mistletoe has long been reported to be of great aid in spells of fertility and love, as well as sacred spells of protection, prophetic visions, and passion love magic.



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